In Other Words is an adventure game where you play as the librarian Aphra who explores the world of classical books. Using T.A.D. "The Amazing Device" she has to move through worlds based off of some of the last millenias greatest literary accomplishments. Using T.A.D. the player can combine huge amounts of different objects found throughout the levels in order to conquer the world of books.

Producer: Marcus Ingvarsson
Graphics: Tobias Källkvist, Jonatan Österberg, Erik Öqvist, Joar Holmström
Programmer:Johan Norberg, Jakob Tanentsapf, Sebastian Svensson
Sound: Josef Falkensköld

In Other words was made using the True Vision 3D engine. This is where the databox programmers learned how to work with a professional 3d engine and its tools.
Screenshots / images
In Other Words Poster In Other Words Beauty Shot In Other Words Mesh View In Other Words In Malmö
In Other Words Trailer