The Gamerider is a serious arcade game created in three weeks using Valve's Hammer editor. A lot of thought has been put into this project and the main idea is to create an enjoyable way to get people to train and thus getting them into better shape. Imagine a race between 40 people and their spinning instructor or just connecting to the Internet and racing someone on the opposite end of the world.

Producer: Don Geyer, Håkan Mattsson
Graphics: Jona Marklund, Rickard Jonasson
Programmer: Håkan Mattsson

Gamerider won the serious game award at GGA 2008 and has been featured in all kinds of Swedish media, it has also been on display at Swedens Technical Museum, the Culture House of Stockholm, GCDC in Leipzig and several other locations.
Screenshots / images
Gamerider logo Gamerider Poster Gamerider Swedens Technical Museum Exhibition Gamerider Swedens Technical Museum Exhibition
Gamerider Trailer